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Okay, there is only one other community I have found entirely devoted to Within Temptation, and there is nothing in it! I simply will not live in a world where there is no community for Within Temptation. As of this moment, membership is open to anyone. You don't need to be approved, so just click "Join this Community" and you're in! Tah dah! Hopefully people will actually join. That would be great. You guys can post anything you want here relating to Within Temptation. Discussion, Articles, News, Info, Touring Dates, Icons, Photos, etc. Go Within Temptation wild, kids!

Oooh...and look what Katie made for us! Please fill this out as your first entry.

Favourite Within Temptation Songs.
Why do you like Within Temptation?
Have you ever seen Within Temptation live?
If so, spill every detail for those of us who haven't.
Other bands you love.
Anything else you'd like to include (hobbies, etc.)

Feel free to join womenofmetal...my community dedicated to Female Fronted Bands.
Also check out wt_icons, the Within Temptation icon archive.

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_silverstrand Karin
_wingsofsteel_ Sarah
abstracteuse Adrienne
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alphanomical Chantal
angelicdmize Katie
aroah Nikoletta
astralromance_ Alex
beautiful_red_ Annika
black_poppy Poppy
charninha Čarna
clchldr Brianna
columcollegekid Eamonn
corriel Corriel
crimsonstars_ Nellie
crimsonverdict Danielle
cure_me_kill_me Runa
darkprincess009 Amra
dayglo_eyes Dania
elixa Kate
eve_of_dreams Jenna
fall_mourning Nellie
fallingagain_ Dania
funsizekitty Mariah
glenndm Glenn
gnosticdiva Melissa
gonebackintime Kylee
h_dub Hamish
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kuroi_kaitou Alyssa
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leannan_sidhe13 Hilary
leelee87 Lee
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madbiscuit Matthew
madewithbruises James
maiden_rosie Myra
mateo38d Mateo
midnightchosen Vega
mikha_a Michelle
amethystia Brittany
myeternalspring Sara
mysticchocolate Jessi
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noria Marion
phoeliac Amy
ratanda Dan
robin_nibor Robin
rock_faeries_16 Bristol
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